Evening Shore, Tofino, oil on canvas 36×48″


Evening Shore, Tofino, oil on canvas, 36×48″

I learned to drive in a Datsun (manual gearshift) on Chesterman’s Beach when I was 15.

I love to go back there when I can. In the past 5 years I’ve visited Tofino many times with my artist husband Cyprian.

We sketch and paint plein air, sitting on the sand, and with oil paints and watercolor. Meanwhile we take many, many reference photos to finish ideas back in the studio.


I was at this very place, Chesterman’s Beach, however, none of my own photos caught this wave movement. That’s thanks to Bernard McManus, who kindly allowed me to use his photograph of the scene as reference material.

This painting will be on show at my studio, Octopus Studios, at 393 Powell St, Vancouver, during the Culture Crawl, Nov. 19-22

Evening Shore, Tofino
Evening Shore, Tofino



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